Lahela Attacked by Coyotes

As you know, some animals need lots of angels. Like independent, outdoor cats living in Southern California, who have coyotes to watch out for. Lahela had a painful, life-altering encounter with one.

Angels must have hovered over her during that awful attack. One angel — the kind lady who left food out for Lahela — bravely chased the coyote away. But not before the ginger cat had suffered life-threatening injuries.

More angels — this time a local rescue group — stepped in. They paid for the extensive care Lahela needed to survive. But not all of Lahela’s wounds healed right away. A disoriented gait and limited vision kept this extremely shy girl from returning to her independent life. She had survived the vicious attack. But now what? Best Friends was her only hope.

Thanks to Guardian Angels, she won’t need hope anymore. Because she’s here, safe and sound. And this time, she’s out of harm’s way for good.

But she didn’t know that. So Lahela stayed at the back of her cubby. Week after week, Best Friends caregivers and volunteers sat near her. Reading, singing or chatting. Letting her know they were there but not invading her space. All to show her people have good intentions.

It took a year, but now even strangers pet Lahela. And she loves it!